Tools Which Make Remote Consulting Work

Telecommuting saves the environment, allows those with disabilities to more easily perform tasks,  increases productivity and removes distractions that are common in an office environment.    Yet, many employers still do not take advantage of new technologies which enable working remotely.

Here at Musemagic we utilize Skype, ftp, servers,  remote access, chat clients, and our personal favorite, VMware Workstation.   We can create VMware images with not just the deliverables, but the entire development system and test bench.  One can see exactly every step of development and the results by this method.  All one has to do is pull up the image in their VMware player and hit go.    VMware can convert physical machines into virtual ones and vice versa in minutes and enables remote access to a virtual machine.

For embedded projects where JTAG USB drivers are not compatible with VMware (we’ve yet to see this happen), we can also configure a laptop with all development tools for that particular embedded environment.  Evaluation kits are cheap, custom boards are also easy to transport and one can mirror development as well as burn the flash ROM with the latest code drops in minutes.  Of course being able to set up systems, solder daughter boards, design circuitry and other skills one must have to bootstrap a project are a given.

We also can set up Mantis, a bug database, and a code repository of your choice.    With today’s video conferencing and  on-line meeting tools, literally we can be present on your desktop anytime you wish.          This is just a short list of technologies which make remote consulting of all types work.

Our Skype ID is musemagic.  Give us a buzz, even for casual queries.