Watermarking Technology and Research

Much to my surprise I have received email queries requesting the old watermarking paper that was on the old site be made available again. Without further ado here it is, in all of it’s antiquated glory. I am also receiving queries for information about watermarking, both video and audio. Frankly, […]

About The New Site

Folks, I just put up this new site.  It is WordPress and chosen because it is responsive design, accessible from anywhere and simply mega easy to style, modify and maintain.  Expect to see more details as I add all sorts of techno babble, skills and projects on the site.   […]

H.264 in WebRTC

Cisco just did a solid and released H.264 into open source for use in WebRTC. Cisco is absorbing the estimated $13 million in licensing fees from MPEG-LA. The reason Cisco did this was to avoid transcoding of H.264 streams from other video clients, a wise choice. The IETF is determining […]

Tools Which Make Remote Consulting Work

Telecommuting saves the environment, allows those with disabilities to more easily perform tasks,  increases productivity and removes distractions that are common in an office environment.    Yet, many employers still do not take advantage of new technologies which enable working remotely. Here at Musemagic we utilize Skype, ftp, servers,  remote […]

HEVC Video

The ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29/WG 11, a.k.a. MPEG video – ITU video, a.k.a. JCT-VC,  has issued a committee draft of H.265, or HEVC.    HEVC stands for High Efficiency Video Coding and is the next generation video coding standard.     The algorithm’s main goal is to achieve the same video quality at […]

3D Video

There have been recent queries on 3D video technologies.    Currently the MPEG standards body has created an amendment to the H.264 (AVC) video standard, approved June 2009, called Multiview Video Coding. The amendment covers: Stereoscopy Multi-view Free viewpoint The MPEG H.264/AVC MVC amendment is backwards compatible to older technologies & […]

Remote Consulting

There is much misunderstanding of remote consulting.    Many companies have been burned, sometimes badly, by less than ethical consultants who promise the world and deliver nothing.  They may have offshore outsourced a large contract, only two years later to be out millions of dollars and have no results at all.  […]

Let’s Talk Consulting Rates

Anyone considering using a consultant needs to know their total outlay of expenses.   There are also different methods of payment for consultants.   I am a sole proprietor, for tax purposes.   This means all payments are 1099-misc., and you are contracting with a small business. It also means you are not […]